The Exact Automated Airbnb Messaging Funnel I've used to send over 1200+ messages, generating 230+ Five-Star Reviews

Where did all that time go??

You’ve got better things to do with your time than re-hashing the same-old guest messages right?

Granted, when you first started this whole ‘Airbnb thing’ you were stoked to even make a booking, and you took meticulous care over every single message you sent; Dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.

However, as time goes on — and the thrill of new bookings fades away, those pesky messages keep on rolling in.  Day after day, hour after hour.

It's relentless!

To make sure each guest has all the information they need for their trip it usually takes upwards of seven messages to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Yes, you can use Airbnb’s saved message feature, but that doesn’t take away the fact that each message needs to be sent out at the same time.  

It doesn’t take long for guest communication to become a monster burden and a time-consuming drag.  

You know that sinking feeling when you've forgotten to send that vitally important message?

And you know what, it’s not just the time and hassle of managing and maintaining guest messages, even worse it's the stress of these messages hanging over your head.

That constant weight looming over your head, and that sinking feeling in your gut.

And what’s even more depressing...

...this stress NEVER goes away!

In fact, as you become a better host and you get more bookings, this problem only gets worse.  Your once fun little Airbnb side-hustle has now turned into a time-sucking stress magnet!

It took me a while, but I knew there had to be another way.  And boy was I thankful to find it...

So, how come an average little fella like me, that lives 18,393km’s away from his Airbnb listing, with a 13 hour time difference, and a 90%+ occupancy rate — has time to surf all day and sleeps like a baby all night long?

All whilst his Airbnb property is purring along like a fine tuned machine!

Ok, enough of me in the third person already...

Seriously though, how is that even possible?

Well, I’m going to let you into a little secret.

No, I don’t hire an agency to run it for me.  And no, I don’t have super powers.

In fact I used to have sleepless nights convulsing at the thought of getting a bad message from my guests!

I literally did.

It all started when my family and I set off on our adventure to Australia and New Zealand in 2016.  I would sleep with my phone by my bed every night — stressed.  

I’d wake up throughout the night answering guest messages, sending check-in instructions and cleaner reminders etc. 

I was a mess to say the least!

I tried my hardest to cobble together a way to streamline this process.  First I started with a folder of guest message templates saved as notes on my iPhone, then I upgraded to use Airbnb’s Saved Messages feature.

But still it wasn’t good enough (not by a long shot).

I then tried to cobble together Gmail with canned message templates and auto responders to automatically send messages to my guests (so that I could get a bit of sleep), but this wasn’t very effective to say the least.

And then, I found it...

I found what I had been searching for this whole time!

As luck would have it someone far smarter than me had built a tool to manage this whole thing for me.

This was a game-changer!

I dug straight into the software, tried and tested different message templates, different scheduling, cleaner reminders the lot.

It wasn’t too effective at first, but over time, as I refined each message, carefully crafting each message template to naturally flow into the next, answering all guest questions before they ever had to ask, and perfecting the exact right time to send each message for maximum effect…

I finally cracked the code.

This code would enable me to live on the other side of the world stress free.

Even with a house that’s churning guests every two days — check-in, check-out.  Countless guests at different stages of the booking journey, and co-ordinating cleaners and maintenance team too.

This code gave me a real passive income that’s allowed my family and me to travel ever since.

I want you to experience this freedom for yourself too, which is why I'm about to share with you the secrets that I've (up until now) kept closely guarded to myself and close friends only.

Introducing The Clockwork Host; A blueprint for turning your Airbnb business into a passive income machine!

Introducing The Clockwork Host 
A blueprint for turning your Airbnb business into a passive income machine!

The Clockwork Host is a set of pre-written, optimised templates - that work in conjunction with Smartbnb - to streamline and automate your hosting operations on Airbnb.

What You'll Get:

Every Message Template 'word-for-word'​​​​

Each template has been carefully crafted to lead my guests through the funnel with the minimum friction.  Expect 95%+ reduction in time spent on communication.

Airbnb Review Templates

The with automated messaging is making them personal, same goes for reviews.  My templates work 100% of the time, without fail.

Message Scheduling

The timing of your messages is crucial to the success of your funnel.  My scheduling has been refined over the past two years, and it works!

Cleaner & Team SMS Reminder Set up.

I'll show you how to set up and trigger automated SMS messages to  your cleaners and team.

Cleaner Reminder Email Templates + Scheduling

Keeping your cleaner up to date with your guest flow is crucial.  Use my templates so they never miss a beat.

+Bonus Smartbnb Setup Video

Smartbnb is essential for this funnel to work as created. To make all this easy for you, you'll get a bonus video taking you through the entire set up process step by step.

The Clockwork Host;

Get back your free time once and for all!

Get ready to crush your Airbnb communication workload by 95%+


The Clockwork Host works in conjunction with Smartbnb. Grab yourself a free account  and lets get started...

Smartbnb is the tool I use to power this messaging funnel. Without it, this entire funnel wouldn't be possible. Smartbnb is currently offering a free 14 day trial (no credit card needed).  

To access this offer click here: Smartbnb Free 14 Day Trial

Here's some of the epic reviews my messaging sequence has been generating:

Rowan’s place is perfectly located close to center of the town in quiet street. The house has lovely modern design in different details, comfortable bed and we felt home, nurtured and care for with great communication and kindness from Rowan during our stay. 



Rowan's place is right in town so made our stay great as we could walk in to town. Rowan was amazing with communication too and great tips on where to park the car. 



Rowan’s cottage is a great find. Clean, cosy, away from busy streets but still easily walkable to beach , shops and cafes. I didn’t meet Rowan but he was always available for questions and assistance as well as being a lovely bloke all round! 


San Francisco

The Clockwork Host; Here's the breakdown...​

Every Message Template 'word-for-word' 

You'll get access to all six of my automated message templates.  Each message has been carefully crafted with the use of short-codes (don't worry, they're not as scary as they sound) to make each message personalised for each new guest automatically.  The templates have been built to really build rapport and trust at every step of the booking journey.

Message Scheduling

Arguably the most important part of this messaging funnel is the scheduling.  Sending the right messages, at the right time is critical to make keep things running smoothly.  I've fine tuned the scheduling for each message in my sequence over the past two years, and it works like a dream, every time.

Cleaner Reminder Email Templates + Scheduling 

One of the most stressful aspects of operating a successful Airbnb business remotely is always making sure the cleaning has been done for each changeover.  This messaging sequence makes SURE that mistakes don't happen.  Ever.  My sequence makes sure that your cleaner gets notified as soon as a booking has been made, and, they get timely reminders leading up to the next guest check in.

Airbnb Review Templates 

Is it just me, or is leaving reviews just a drag?  Sure, as a new host it was fun, but after the 20th generic review, it's hardly a priority.  That's why as part of this package you'll also get my review templates.  Again I've used short-codes to give each template a personal touch.  Once you've set this up, you'll NEVER have to write another review again!

Cleaner & Team SMS Reminder Set up. 

As I mentioned earlier, you're cleaner plays a pivotal role in this sequence.  That's why I go the extra mile to by sending automated SMS reminders leading up to check-in and check-out.  This has saved my ass many times.

+Bonus Smartbnb Setup Video

If all of the above seems a little overwhelming, don't worry, because I've got a detailed step by step video tutorial guiding you through the entire set up process from start to finish.  If you follow along, you'll have the entire funnel set-up in less than 30 minutes.  From that point onwards, your sequence will be in full flow, and you'll save yourself roughly 95% of your communication workload.

Stress-Free Hosting Is Within Your Grasp!

Don't miss the opportunity to change the way you host forever.

30 Day "My Dog Ate It" No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't think this product has offered excellent value for money, or if you don't like it in any way (damn, even if you love it and you still want a refund), just let me know  at and I'll send you a prompt refund. 


Rowan Clifford

I'm Rowan.  

For the past four years I've been helping Airbnb hosts streamline their businesses and make more money.  

I've helped 100's of struggling hosts worldwide from Puerto Rico to Belgium, South Africa to New Zealand.  I know every trick in the book, and I'm a mad fan of any automation tools that make my life easier.  

This funnel that you're about to have access to has impacted my Airbnb business more than EVERYTHING else combined.

I hope it helps you too.

Peace out!

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