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The Ultimate Airbnb Guest Messaging Sequence

"Eliminate Messaging Ping-Pong, Increase Guest Satisfaction, And Generate More 5-Star Reviews!"

Here's EVERYTHING You're About To Get As Soon As You Sign Up...

A seamless guest journey...

I've summed up over 7 years and 3000+ guest messages into the perfect guest nurture messaging sequence.  

These expertly copy-written messages (alongside their meticulously tested scheduling) will nurture your guests at every stage of their journey, and whats more, they'll virtually eliminate all messaging ping-pong between guest and host.

Ready to plug'n'play right out of the box, this product will save you time (and a tonne of hassle) instantly.


  • x6 professionally written Airbnb message templates
  • Battle tested scheduling (so you know what to send, and when)
  • Simple copy + paste plain text version for immediate implementation
  • Guided instructions for each template 
  • Zero cost guest upgrade integrations

In Case You're Wondering...

What if I'm using automated messaging software already?

If you're already using automated messaging software like Smartbnb for instance, just simply upload each message to your system and set the appropriate scheduling and alter the short-codes to fit your provider.

Will drip eliminate all guest questions?

It'll do a damn good job of eliminate almost all guest questions, but there'll still be the odd guest that will request something specific that'll need to a bespoke answer.  In my experience you'll cut down guest questions by upwards of 80%.

won't the messages sound really generic?

Absolutely not.  Each message has dynamic variables for each booking so that each message is hyper personalised to each guest.

how do these messages help me get 5 star reviews?

Good question.  Let me explain..

Each message has been meticulously crafted using different persuasion techniques to trigger positive responses from your guests.  Things like reciprocity, adding value, free upgrades, compliance, compliments, etc.  Each of these triggers compounded throughout the guest nurture campaign result in better reviews by far.


Results Guaranteed

If after you invest today and go through all the material and implement all of the changes recommended and you don't believe it's made any impact.  Simply let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll return 100% of your investment.

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