Hey, I'm Rowan.

Thanks for stopping by...

I see Airbnb hosting differently to most people.  It's not something I've fallen in love with (it used to be), instead I see it as a business.

And that's the focus of this blog.

Me sharing tools, strategies, tips and tricks for out-performing your competitors, making more money, and building systems for running your Airbnb business like a well oiled machine.

If that sounds interesting to you then "Welcome!".

You see, I got good at this stuff because I come from a background of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a lot of those same skills are extremely effective on Airbnb too.

In fact, I've used these same skills to help countless people:

  • Improve their ranking in Airbnb's search results pages
  • Increase their occupancy rates
  • Charge more per night
  • ...and reduce hands-on workload by upwards of 90%

It's pretty crazy what you can do if you've got the right skillset, tools and systems in place.

That's what this blog is all about.  

Teaching you those same skills and giving you access to the same tools to replicate the same results.

And if you're a property manager - or even a single listing host - and you want my agency's help to make your listing more visible in Airbnb search (and reap all of the rewards that come with it), then you can get in touch here.

Peace out.


A little about me...

I live to surf, travel, create and eat good healthy food.  I'm a tech nerd freedom seeker, living an unconventional life on the peripherals of society.

Age: 38

Height: 5'7.5" (basically a Dwarf. Or is that a Midget?  Hang on, what about a Goblin?)

A fact you may not know about me:  Under the hat I'm bald (well getting there at least), that's why I ALWAYS wear the hat.

Fact #2: I have hairy feet.

Fact #3: My mum actually tried to get abducted by aliens (true).  Thankfully she's past that stage now.

Fact #4: I'm funnier when I write than in real life.

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