Hey, I'm Rowan Clifford the founder of Airbnb Smart.

This blog began way back in 2016 as a side project.  

It all came about because I got so many questions from friends and family seeking advice on how to rank better on Airbnb's search results, and how to make more money.

Because my listing ranked so well, other people wanted to know how I did it.  So, rather than repeating it over and over, I thought I'd best get it out there, then at least I could direct people to my blog for my tips.

The reason I'm pretty nifty at this stuff is because I come from a background in SEO (ranking websites on Google) which I've been heavily involved in since 2013.  

Those same skills have worked great on Airbnb too.

Also, as weird as it sounds, I kind of froth on systems (I know, what a geek!), that's why I LOVE good software/tools that make life as an Airbnb Host more efficient and more lucrative.

I've successfully managed to run and operate my Airbnb property remotely from another continent for the past 4 years too, which is pretty cool, all without a glitch (well... nearly).

So, effectively, what I've been able to create is a great source of passive income, that pays me to live the lifestyle I love.  

If you read my content, maybe I can help you on that path too.

Peace out.