​Tools Of The Trade

I'm a remote Airbnb host (that means I'm not there to check-in guests, clean, maintenance etc), therefore I rely on a few tools to make it all possible.  They help me increase my productivity, efficiency, profitability and save me a lot of time.  

Below I've outlined a some of the tools I use everyday and couldn't run my business without.


Automated messaging, team reminders & reviews

For me, Smartbnb is THE killer Airbnb App.  I rely on it more than any other.  I literally couldn't operate my Airbnb business without it.  It has reduced my workload by approximately 95%-98%.


Automated pricing for Airbnb

As you're probably aware, the easiest way to increase your profits on Airbnb instantly is to optimize your pricing structure.  I used to spend A LOT of time doing competitor analysis to ensure that my prices were hyper competitive.  This used to take me roughly 2hours per week to do manually.  I now use Wheelhouse instead.  They crunch a far bigger data set than I ever could to generate a bespoke pricing strategy for the next 365 days, updated every day! 

That's about it for now.  These are the main ones I use on a day to day basis.  I'll be adding to this list as I go.  Hope you like it.