The Ultimate Host Toolset

The Airbnb tools I rely on every day

What to expect

This isn't just some throw-away random list of tools.  

No. This is a list of the exact tools that I use on (virtually) a daily basis.  And it's these tools that have enabled me to successfully host my Airbnb properly remotely (often over 12,000kms away), stress free.

Using these tools I generate more bookings, make more money, and work less than my competitors.

Tools of the trade

Because there are quite a few tools on this list I've decided to separate them to make it easier to navigate and digest.

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Automated Messaging


Automated Messaging Software | Paid

If there is one tool on this list that I couldn't live without, it'd be Smartbnb.

I use it for the following:

  • Automated messages - 90% of my communication with guests is now automated.
  • Automated reviews - 100% of my reviews are now automated.
  • Cleaner and team reminders - 100% of my communication with my clean team is automated.
  • AI auto respond to queries - I use this software to auto detect frequently asked questions like WiFi code, parking, address, etc. and answer them instantly.  It's like an automated chat bot for Airbnb.

I've been a big proponent of this software since it's release, and have been using it/relying on it for the past 5 years.

*Find out more in my in-depth review of Smartbnb here.

Backend messaging dashboard

Backend dashboard of Smartbnb

Official Website:

Optimised Pricing


Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb | Paid

The lowest hanging fruit, and the easiest way to make more money on Airbnb is to optimise your prices.

Optimised prices means charging the maximum possible at all times, for every date range.

Doing this manually is extremely difficult, and incredibly time consuming.

And that's why I use Wheelhouse to do all of this heavy lifting, number crunching for me.

With the help of this tool my prices are updated and optimised every 24 hours, for the next 365 day time horizon.  Since using this tool my average price per night has increased, and my occupation rate has too.

wheelhouse dashboard

Digital Guidebook

Touch Stay

Digital Guidebook for Airbnb | Paid

A digital guidebook might seem like overkill to some (it did to me before I started using it), but here's the thing...

It's not just for making things look pretty, it's actually got some really practical use cases too.

Things like:

  • Reducing guest questions - Your guests have comprehensive answers to all of their questions before they ever need to ask.
  • Adds value to your guests - If you're not present to answer questions and give recommendations, just let the app do it for you.
  • You get better reviews - The stats don't lie. Hosts that use a digital guidebook get better reviews than those that don't.
Touch Stay digital guidebook

Official Website:

Airbnb SEO

Rank Breeze

Search Ranking Tool | Paid

The higher your listing is ranked on Airbnb's search results pages, the more you can charge per night, and the more bookings you'll get.

And the discipline of manipulating the position of your listing on Airbnb's search results pages is called Airbnb SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Optimising your listing to rank at the top is tricky.  It's part art, part science.  But, with the help of a tool like Rank Breeze, they take the guess work out of it for you. 

airbnb ranking analytics

Official Website:

Money & Accounting


Multi-Currency Business Account | Free

This one isn't going to be for everyone, but if you're a remote host like me (living in another country from your listing), then you'll likely experience hefty currency conversions when trying to pull out the profits from your Airbnb business.

That's why I switched my banking to Transferwise.

I can now get paid by Airbnb in my local currency and travel anywhere and spend it without getting smashed with fees.

I now use TransferWise as not only my business account, but my personal account too.

Transferwise bank account

Wave App

Accounting Software | Free

As you start making more money from your Airbnb business, it'll be increasingly important to pay attention to managing your books.

For this I use Wave App.

I'm still perplexed as to how this accounting software is free.  It really shouldn't be.

I use it for:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Scanning and recording receipts

And for something as boring as taxation and accounting, they actually make it pretty bearable - and that's saying something.

I'd happily pay decent money for this software, but if it's free, then who am I to argue.


Official Website:


Eisenhower Matrix App

Task prioritisation tool | Free

Ok, I'm a little bit biased with this one as it's something I created myself.

But the Eisenhower Method is something that I've been using for years and this tool has really helped.

Use this app to sort tasks by order of importance and urgency and over time you should find that you're getting more quality work done, giving you more time to spend doing what you enjoy.

Eisenhower principle matrix