So here it is, my Smartbnb review for 2019!

Not sure what the Smartbnb app is all about? Buckle up, and let me show you what it can do.

Smartbnb is the killer Airbnb application.

I’ve been using Smartbnb for a while now, and it’s become a life-changing tool for how I run my Airbnb business.

What used to take me 10 hours a week, takes me 5 mins.

At first glance, I thought Smartbnb was just an automated Airbnb messaging tool, but it has turned out to be much more than that.

Smartbnb is way, way more than just automated messaging software, and in this tutorial, I’ll walk you through exactly how to set up your account to get the most out of the software.

If you value your time and want to streamline your Airbnb business, read on…

What is Smartbnb?

Smartbnb is an automation tool that takes care of the day to day running of your Airbnb account.

The program sends out automated messages to your guests, auto reminders to your cleaner, and much more.

Smartbnb Video Tutorial

Getting set up.

Getting set up is simple.

Head to the Smartbnb app


Smartbnb Homepage


You’ll need to enter your Airbnb login credentials for the program to communicate with your Airbnb account.

Once your account has been activated you’ll be re-directed to the Smartbnb dashboard.


Smartbnb Messaging For Airbnb


We’ll be going through everything here in detail, but first, let’s jump into the heart of this program and get stuck into setting up the automated messaging.


Automated messages on Smartbnb

The program comes with numerous Airbnb messaging templates that are great to get you started, but I find them a little bit lacking in personality, so you’ll want to go in and edit the messages to give them your own voice.

The messaging sequence is split into a few different levels.  The first level of messaging is:


These ‘events’ are set up to reply to any new event that occurs on your Airbnb account.

A new event is classified as:

  • New inquiry
  • New Pre-approval
  • New request to book
  • New booking

Now, you could choose to go full automation on its ass here, but this is one area I choose to take a little manual control of.

I like to manually engage with any new inquiries until a booking is confirmed.

I have my event rules set up like this:



The only ‘Active Message’ I have set at this stage is ‘New Reservation’.

This ‘New Reservation’ message is sent instantly when a booking is made.


This area allows you to automatically schedule messages to your guests, send check-in and check-out instructions, automate review reminders plus any other messages you choose to send before, during and after a guest’s stay.

Taking the time to set this up right will save you an enormous amount of time and effort.

My setup looks like this:



Take note of the timings of my messages.

Check-in instructions – 4 days before check-in

Pre Check-in House Manual – 7 hours before check-in

Late Check-out notification – 17 hours before check-out

Bum Lick – 3 hours after check-out

Having my account set up like this means peace of mind for me.

From the moment my guest makes a booking, to the moment they check-out.

Smartbnb Scheduling



The messages come with pre-set scheduling.  The settings may be perfect for you, but I like to manipulate them slightly.

I’ve literally spent hours perfecting the copy in these messages to make them flow 100% naturally as if a human was actually sending them.

Spending that extra time to get my messages just right has had a big impact on my reviews too.

If you want to see my messaging funnel in its full glory and see exactly how I set it up, click here.


What are short-codes and why should you care?

The short-codes are ways to dynamically insert data such as guest name, address, check in time, house manual etc. into your messages.  This way, if you change a setting in your Airbnb listing, the change will take effect instantly within the Smartbnb app.

A list of the short-codes below:



This particular area is insane, and for me, has saved me the most amount of stress.

It sends out automated reminders to your cleaners and anyone else in your team for that matter

This used to drive me nuts.  So much so, that I wrote a whole post about how to set up auto-reminders to your cleaner.

I wished I’d known about this a long time ago, as I hate to admit it, but I have forgotten to send out reminders on more than one occasion.


My reminders are set up like this:



I keep things pretty simple here.  Below are the templates for the automated reminders I send to my cleaner:

  • Reminder 1

2 Days Before Check-In

Hey Simon.

Check-in Reminder For: %check_in%

Thanks again.


  • Reminder 2

1 Day Before Check-Out

Hey Simon.

Check-Out Reminder For: %check_out%

Thanks again.


In a recent update to the Smartbnb App you can now also set these reminders up as text messages, as well as email.

Never again will I have to stress about remembering to send out cleaner reminders.


Smartbnb Reviews

I’ve got to admit, I’m not keen on writing Airbnb reviews.

I just can’t get amped re-hashing the same lame shit every 2nd day.

It’s not that hard to do I know, but it’s just always that one thing that I put off until the last minute.

Thankfully, Smartbnb has thought about people like me and has automated Airbnb reviews built in.

Thanks guys!

I have x3 saved automated Airbnb review templates set up on rotation so that I never have to write another review again.


Smartbnb market & Airbnb ranking reports

If you’re serious about monitoring and improving your Airbnb Ranking (and you should be), then you’ll seriously dig this feature.


The Smartbnb app will send out a daily ranking report to your inbox.

In this report, you’ll find the exact ranking position for your property for every variable for the next 30 reservation possibilities, plus a rundown of who your main competition is, their nightly rate and their number of reviews.

Your report will look a little like this:


And this:



Having these Airbnb ranking reports delivered to you daily gives you the ability to continually check how you’re ranking and makes you super nimble for any price changes you may need to make.


Heartbeat calendar signals

Heartbeats shoots a signal to Airbnb that your calendar is up to date every 60 minutes.


Smartbnb Heartbeats calendar updater


This used to be a big ranking factor for Airbnb back in the early days, however, it’s not so important now with the widespread adoption of Instant Book.

Signal every 60 mins?

A little bit of overkill if you ask me, but hey, there’s no harm in it so why not.


Checkpoint autoresponder for unconfirmed ID’s

Checkpoint is an autoresponder feature for any pending reservations for guests with unconfirmed ID’s.



Now I’m sure this feature could come in handy for some, but at this point, it’s not something that I use.

If activated the auto-responder will send out a message to the guest requesting them to complete their verification.


Smartbnb stealth mode

Stealth mode gives you the ability to display your listing at certain times of the day.  It’s like having opening times for a business.



Again this isn’t something that I use, but I can certainly see how it could come in handy if you were subletting a spare room in a rented house without approval from the landlord yet.

Utilizing this feature will only display your listing at certain times when you’re most likely to get booked, the rest of the time your listing will remain invisible.

If I was trying to be sneaky and make some extra coin discretely, then stealth mode would be activated for sure.

Added extras

On top of all of this epic functionality, Smartbnb also gives you access to your Airbnb Inbox and your Airbnb Calendar without ever having to leave the Smartbnb App Interface, so you can effectively run your entire Airbnb operation natively without ever leaving the ecosystem.

What could they improve?

I would like to be able to do everything from the desktop site within a smartphone app.  I like to have everything set up to work as simply as possible, and I think this would definitely be something that would help.

On top of that, I would like to see a way to quantify my Airbnb ranking over time.  With all that killer data from the Market Report, I’d like to be able to harness this and plot my progress over time on a graph so that I have historical data to compare to.

In conclusion…

I have been using Smartbnb personally for the last 3 Months and it has had a huge impact on the way I run my Airbnb business.

I have tried a couple of other similar products like AvivaIQ, Guesty, and Your Porter, but I never felt the peace of mind that I do with Smartbnb.

For me, it’s super important that I feel 100% confident that the system will take care of everything I need without fail.  Thankfully, Smartbnb does that for me, and it really has freed up my life.

In my opinion, this is the best Automation tool for Airbnb on the market right now.


*Click here to sign up for a 14 Day free trial (no credit card needed)*

Smartbnb - Automated Messaging App








Ease of use





  • Automates 90% of Airbnb tasks
  • VRBO & Home Away integration
  • Text messaging reminders
  • Amazing analytics suite
  • Super reliable


  • Money - It's not free
  • It takes time to set up
  • Monthly subscription
  • No phone support