January 12

How to Automate Airbnb Messages

*New Update

Since writing this article I have since discovered a far, far better way to automate Airbnb messages.  I’ve written a detailed post about it here for you to go check out.*

Are you fed up of re-hashing the same old Airbnb messages for every new booking?

Me too. It’s pretty lame.

If you’re like me you’ve probably even tried saving templates on your iPhone Notes, or Google Docs to help speed up this process.

Copy + Paste. Copy + Paste….

Which, in all honestly kind of sucks.

There has to be a better way!

Thankfully, our good friends at Airbnb saw our strife and decided to do something about it.

Introducing Airbnb’s Saved Messages.

more of this less of this

What are Airbnb’s Saved Messages, and why should you care?

Saved Messages allow you to save pre-written guest message templates.

Why should you care?

Because they can save you a ton of time by eliminating the need to repeat yourself time and time again for your most frequently asked questions.

“How do we arrange key collection?”


Message Sent.


So, let me show you how to set this thing up on Airbnb.

How to setup Airbnb Saved Messages:

Log-in to your Airbnb account and go to ‘Messages Inbox’

airbnb message inbox

Click into any old message.

Then, under the message text box you will see a simple link “Use a Saved Message”.

airbnb use saved message link

This is where all your Saved Airbnb Messages are stored.

add new airbnb saved message

Once you have your messages written and saved you are ready to go.

I use Airbnb’s Saved Messages because they save me time.

But that is not their only use.

They can be an invaluable tool for building great relationships with your guests on auto-pilot.

I have my account setup to automatically send out 4 Saved Messages to my guests at set intervals of their stay:

Booking Confirmation – Thank you and touch base message.

72 Hours Before Check—in – Parking and access instructions.

16 Hours Before Check-out – Reminder of Check-out time and procedure.

3 Hours After Check-out – Thank you message and bum lick.

With epic hosting groundwork like this, your guests will be lapping you up when it comes to review time.

Here’s my personal list of Saved Messages.

Feel free to steal/improve:

Booking Confirmation.


Super happy you chose to stay at our place for your trip to <YOUR LOCATION>.

If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

I’m 100% here to help.

Otherwise, I’ll be in touch with more detailed check-in instructions a day or so before check-in.

Thanks again.

Speak soon.


72 Hours Before Check-in


I thought I’d touch base to fill you in on a few details before you arrive to help things along.


I’ve outlined some basic details that should come in handy for your stay:

The scheduled check-in time is: <YOUR CHECK IN TIME>. So feel free to arrive anytime after that.

To make things easy and super flexible, the keys for the house will be put in a secure lockbox on the lower left-hand side of the front door.

The lockbox code is: <YOUR CODE>

So, whenever you arrive, let yourselves in and make yourselves at home 🙂


You are scheduled to check-in on <YOUR CHECK IN TIME> with a check-out on <CHECK OUT DATE>.

The Wifi name is: <WIFI NAME>
Password: <PASSWORD>

Parking in <YOUR LOCATION> is always a struggle, however, there are a few good options which I’ll outline below

There is a privately run car park situated within 50m of the property. This is a great short term option, but probably not the best choice for long-stay as it can be a little pricey.

There is a council run pay and display car park on <STREET NEARBY>, which is about a 4min walk from the house. This car park provides very reasonable long stay rates.

There is free parking in the town, but it is hard to find, and also hard to get…

The free parking is situated at <STREET NEARBY>. These roads are about 5mins walk away from the property.  Occasionally you may have to park further away to get a vacant space. I personally always park up here, and I always get a space, however, on some occasions I may have to park further up the hill approx 10min walk.

If you are happy to search around, you will be able to find free parking, it may just take a bit of searching 🙂

I think that just about everything for now.

There’s a heap more information about the house in the ‘Owner’s Manual’ on Airbnb too if you need it.

Most importantly, make yourselves at home and have a blast.

Thanks again.


16 Hours Before Check-out


I hope you’ve really enjoyed your stay in <PROPERTY NAME>!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is check-out day. The standard check-out time is <YOUR CHECK OUT TIME>, but I have spoken to our cleaner and she has given the thumbs up for a late check out for you.

So you’re more than welcome to stay until 11.30 🙂 Yey!

When you’re ready to leave, if you could please lock the door and put the keys back in the lockbox, and give the code a little scramble, that would be great.

Thanks so much for choosing to stay at our place.

Hope you’ve had an awesome stay.

Thanks again.


3 Hours After Check-out


A big thank you for being so respectful of our place during your stay, and thanks heaps for leaving the house so nice and tidy!

It’s really appreciated.

Hope you had an awesome trip to <YOUR LOCATION>.

Safe travels.



Pretty fucking cool hey!

But that’s not it.

I wanna step this shit up a notch.

I want to AUTOMATE AIRBNB’S SAVED MESSAGES so it works wherever I am in the world.

Want to know how?

Welcome to your new best friend:


The first app of it’s kind to hit Airbnb with an automated service for sending guest messages and much more.

Smartbnb has revolutionized the way I run my Airbnb business.

You can find out exactly how to get this program set up and rocking here:

Smartbnb Review 2021 – The Good & The Bad…[plus tutorial]


If you have some special sauce that you add when sending Airbnb Saved Messages I’d love to know.

Or, if you have any other questions…

Chuck it in the comments. I respond to each one personally.

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  • Thank you so much for this information, I have had saved messages on my notes for the past 12 months copying and pasting. This will literally save me hours. Cheers Lauriann

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