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How To Automate Airbnb Reminders To Your Cleaner

It’s a constant headache trying to keep your cleaner informed about each check-in and check-out for every single booking.

With new guests arriving randomly all the time, this workload that can soon rack up, and it’s super easy to forget.

If you rent your place out on a nightly or even two nightly basis, you could be looking at up to 14 messages a week!

My old method was to manually type each reminder message two days prior to check in, and 24 hours prior to check out.

It was a constant niggle in the back of my head. And needless to say, I forget more often than I’d like to admit.


Surely there’s a hack around this.

And there is 🙂

3 Ways To Automate Airbnb Email Reminders To Your Cleaner

1. Add your cleaner as a Co-Host to your Airbnb account.

Pro’s: Easiest to set up.

Con’s: Allows full access to all your earning details etc. to your cleaner.

2. Set up and sync a Google Calendar with Airbnb and schedule email reminders to their inbox.

Pro’s: Pretty simple to set up.

Con’s: Requires your cleaner to be a little tech savvy (unless you set it up for them), and needs them to be familiar with Google Calendar.

3. How to forward Airbnb reminders from Gmail to your cleaner.

Pro’s: Requires virtually zero setup work for your cleaner. Cleaner doesn’t need to be tech savvy at all, so long as they use email.

Con’s: Hardest to set up.

Step by step guides to setting up automated Airbnb reminders to your cleaners.

Add Cleaner as a Co-Host to your Airbnb account.

To add your cleaner as a co-host for your listing:

  • Go to Manage Listings on your Airbnb dashboard.
  • Select Manage Listing and Calendar on the listing that you are about to edit.
  • Hover on the left side of the page to open the menu and select ‘Co-Hosts’.

And that’s it.

A word of warning with this setup.

You are giving privileges to your cleaner for virtually every aspect of your listing, from answering questions to setting pricing etc.

Pretty much the only thing they don’t have access to is the banking side of Airbnb.

This is why I don’t personally use this method.

I prefer to keep control of those areas of my business and keep my cleaner on a need to know basis.

But if you have a close relationship with your cleaner and think they could help out in these areas, then go nuts.

Set up and sync a Google Calendar with Airbnb and schedule email reminders to their inbox.

If you don’t already have a Google Calendar go ahead and get yourself set up.

Here’s a basic guide to get your Calendar set up if you’re having trouble.

Alright, so our Google Calendar is set up, you now want to sync it with your Airbnb Calendar to import all your bookings.

From your Airbnb dashboard, go to ‘Calendar’.

select calendar airbnb dashboard.

Then in the top right Click ‘Availability Settings’ then ‘Export Calendar’.

Click here to Export Airbnb Calendar

This will generate your unique URL.

Airbnb Calendar URL

Copy this URL and head over to your Google Calendar.

First up, Click on ‘Other Calendars’ down arrow.

Add by url google calendars

Then ‘Add by URL’

This will then prompt you to insert a subscription URL.

Paste subsrciption url

Paste your Airbnb generated URL into the box and hit save.

That’s it.

Your Google Calendar is now synced up with your Airbnb calendar, and all future bookings will be synced too.

Next step is to share this Calendar with your cleaner.

Note* Your cleaner will need to have a Google Calendar set up in order to access the Calendar.

Click on the down arrow next to your new Airbnb Calendar on the left-hand side.

Click ‘Share this calendar’.

Share calendar with cleaner

Add your cleaners Google Calendar email address.

Hit ‘Share’.


To finish this process off, your cleaner will need to set up scheduled reminders.

To do this, we need to follow very similar steps to above.  But this time we are going to click on ‘Edit Notifications’.

Notification set up google calendar


Set the notification schedule to ‘2 days before event’.


And that’s that.

A little bit complicated I know.  And this method does require your cleaner to be at least open to using a digital calendar.  But once your set up, you’ll be sweet.

How to forward Airbnb reminders from Gmail  to your cleaner.


So the third and final method.

Which happens to be my preferred method, as I have the most control this way (Uh, control freak…)

Go to your Airbnb linked Gmail account.

Click on the ‘Gear Icon’ top right, the click ‘Settings’.

gmail settings (3)

From the settings page select ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’.forwarding imap

We are now going to add your cleaners email address to forward your reminders.

click to add forwarding address


add forwarding address

Click ‘Save Changes’.

Your cleaner will get an email requesting to accept your forwarded messages.  Once they have excepted this, we are ready to go.


The final step is to create a set of rules so that Gmail is forwarding the right messages to your cleaner and not just everything that comes to your inbox.

First up, go to ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ in your Gmail settings, and select ‘Create a new filter’.

filters and blocked addresses

We are now going to create the rules to filter exactly which messages to forward onto your cleaner.

We want every message with the subject line “Reservation Reminder” to be forwarded.

To set this up copy my steps exactly from the image below.

creating filter

Alas, we are done.

It’s all a bit of a faff I know.  But it’s free, and once it’s set up you can forget about it.

As the saying goes “A stitch in time, Saves nine”.

Or something like that at least.

Have you got an even better method than I’ve outlined above?

Do you have any questions?

As always, chuck it in the comments below.

I answer each and every one personally.


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  • A question. Do you provide for your guests any check out=cleaning instructions? As you send them an email few hours after they check out as thank you I suppose that the cleaning lady already checked it. Thank you

    • Hey Zuzka. I have any cleaning instructions within the house manual that get sent out within my automated messages with a brief guide to be respectful and leave it how it was when they arrived. My reviews are all set up to be automated, and my cleaner is paid well to make sure that the house is immaculate before each check-in, so I feel no need to press too hard to make sure everything is left spotless before they check out.

  • Hi, So I made it already to importing my Airbnb calendar via an iCal URL. into “Other Calendars” in my google. How do I make the leap from it being there and showing up in my calendar to sharing it with my cleaner? Because it is below under the “other calendars” it doesn’t share and I can’t figure out how to import using the iCal link into my shared calendar under “My Calendars” that I have set up with my cleaner. I feel like i’m missing a step and that also I may not be as smart as I once thought I was. Calendar sharing may break me.

    • Hey Scott, I know it can be a faff, but once you’ve set it up right you shouldn’t have any problems:

      Go to http://www.google.com/calendar and follow the steps below.

      In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow button next to a calendar, then select Share this calendar.
      Enter the email address of the person you want to share your calendar with.

      From the drop-down menu on the right side, select a level of permission, then click Add Person.

      Click Save.

      Once you click Save, the person you selected to share the calendar with will receive an email invitation to view your calendar. The person will need to click on the link contained in the email to add the calendar to his/her Other calendars list, the calendar will not be automatically added to the user’s Calendar account.

      That should do it 🙂

  • I just set it up. I’ll feel nervous until the first message has come and gone and I see all is good. Yikes!! Thank you for sharing!

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