March 27

How To Get An Airbnb Cash Advance


Everything’s ticking along just fine.

The bookings are rolling in, and you can’t believe how well this whole Airbnb thing is going.

Until one day you have a minor catastrophe.

Your boiler breaks down, your cooker dies on you, your roof starts to leak.

With issues like this, things need to get fixed fast.  And jobs like this don’t come cheap.

Not all of us have that sort of spare cash lying around.

It’s all very well having all that cash sitting dormant in Airbnb’s accounts for all your future bookings, but what if you need access to that money now? What if getting a cash advance from Airbnb could save the day?

Introducing Payfully

An innovative start-up from New York, here to ensure you’ll never have to wait for Airbnb payments again.

So what exactly is Payfully?

In short, Payfully is a company that provides cash advances secured against your future Airbnb earnings.

Their whole package is super simple to set up, and you’ll have access to your future funds within 24 hours.

Let’s imagine for a moment, a host requests an advance for a $1000-booking.

Payfully would send her that amount minus their fee. That means she’d receive something around $960.

Weeks later when Airbnb sends the funds, Payfully get paid the full $1,000 amount. Everything is done through the platform so that hosts have full visibility of their future earnings and complete transparency regarding fees.

Pretty neat hey!

Ok cool. So how do I set it up?

Fist lets shoot over to Payfully to get set up.

Click ‘Get Started‘ to kick things off.

You’ll be prompted to create an account with an email address and password.  You’ll then be requested to add your Airbnb account information.

Payfully needs this info to gather data about your upcoming bookings to verify your future earnings to secure their advances against.

Once the set-up process is complete, you’ll then have access to your ‘Dashboard‘, which will look like this:

As you can see, Payfully pulls in all your future bookings and clearly displays the fees and the approximate time funds can be released (24 hours approx).

Fees hey….

Let’s take a closer look:

Booking from 7th – 9th April

Amount = $224.00

Fees = $11.27

Total Payout = $212.73

The total fee payable in this scenario is just: %5.03

I for one think that is pretty damn reasonable.

To gain access to your funds you’ll need to fill out their application form.  To do that, click ‘Apply‘ from any payment on the ‘Dashboard‘.

You’ll be re-directed to an Adobe Form (which is pretty neat if you ask me).  From there you which you can add your details and then sign.  *This form is legally binding.

Details all filled in, click ‘Send‘, and that is the first phase complete.

Linking your bank account.

You’ll then need to link your bank account.

Click the ‘Link bank account‘ button.

Choose your bank from one of the options:

Follow the prompts to link your account, and that’s it.

You’ll receive confirmation from the team at Payfully when your payment has been approved.


You’re done.

If you’re interested in Payfully, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been in touch with Daniela from the Payfully team, and I’ve managed to negotiate an exclusive deal for my readers.

Use coupon code: AIRBNBSMART at check-out to receive your first advance for FREE!

*Payfully is currently only supported in the USA*


What does Payfully need from me to advance me my earnings?

It’s super simple.  Just sign up and link your account to Airbnb to import your upcoming reservations. Select from your dashboard the bookings you want Payfully to advance cash for.

How long does it take Payfully to send me funds?

If your booking advance is approved before 11am (EST) on a weekday, your funds will be in your account within 24 hours. Advances approved over the weekend will be processed the following Monday.

How do I receive the money?

You will need to connect your bank account so Payfully can transfer you the funds and then pay themselves back when your guest’s check-in, and Airbnb pays you.

What if my guest cancels after I have received the funds?

You’ll have 60 days to make another booking at no extra charge to cover the advance. After that, Payfully will work with you to find reasonable alternative payment options.  They make this really easy.

What if I cancel after I have received the funds?

Payfully will automatically take the advance back and debit your account for the same amount.

When does Payfully receive the money from my booking?

24 hours after your guest’s check-in (and Airbnb processes your payment), Payfully will get paid by automatically debiting your account.


Have you used Payfully before?

Got any questions you’d like to ask?

As always, hit me up in the comments.

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Rowan Clifford

Hey, I'm Rowan.  I'm a bit of a nerd, and froth a little too hard when it comes to Airbnb. And, I LOVE anything that makes my life as a host easier and more lucrative (which is pretty much exclusively all I write about on this blog). Tools, tips, tricks and sneaky hacks are my kinda thing...

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  • This service was extremely difficult and not user friendly. I have 40 reviews and many upcoming listings and even had the company to assist me adding my bank accounts. They denied my advance which they kept advertising was so easy to sign up and then required me to write a letter to request why they made the decision. I felt it was decided by some other factors more superficial and discriminatory. I have excellent reviews and history with Airbnb and they don’t run credit. I will be posting more information about the misleading advertising especially to black business owners!

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