Airbnb describe yourself I hear you say.  Well, is your Airbnb profile & description scaring people away?

Let me guess.

You didn’t know where to find a decent photo of yourself so you just chose the first image you could find on your phone?


Or worse still, you thought uploading your work profile would be a good idea.



You might think it’s ok to chuck any old photo up on your Airbnb profile but you are so wrong.

An awesome, trustworthy Airbnb profile image, coupled with an exciting, light-hearted profile description could be just the change that takes your Airbnb property to the next level.

Read on to discover my tips and tricks for creating the perfect profile and description that’ll fill your guests with warmth and trust.

Group hug everyone!

Profile Image.

Rule number 1: Be present in your profile photo.

I see so many Hosts make the mistake of using an image that they don’t even feature in.

e.g. Landscape shot, sunset, woodland etc.

These shots may look very nice, but they don’t add any trust whatsoever.

Furthermore, they can have the complete opposite effect.

I mean, what are they hiding?

No matter what your opinion of yourself is in the looks department, people like to see faces.

So, do yourself a favour and start working on your pout.

Rule number 2: Don’t look like a creep.

I know this is easier said than done for a lot of my readers.


Now I’m sure you’re not going to be using an image of yourself with greasy hair, Y-Fronts hanging out of your jeans, a grubby singlet with dirty Jam Jar glasses.

But, a bland mugshot with a forced smile isn’t much better.

If you haven’t got any quality photos of yourself, get a friend to help you out, or you can even set a timer on your iPhone to capture a decent shot if needs must.

It doesn’t have to be super professional, but it does need to make you look good.

You need to look welcoming and approachable.

A genuine smile, in a nice setting, goes a long way.

Rule number 3: If you have a girlfriend or kids, add them in the photo.

This is mainly aimed at men, as we have a harder time proving that we’re not weirdos.

By adding your girlfriend or kids into the shot it adds a layer of social proof to your profile.

I mean if you are able to attract a member of the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter), or procreate you must be doing something right.

Profile Description

A good description is written with your target audience in mind.

Write informally in a conversational style that will resonate with your guests. Now is not the time for your finest prose.

Your guests want to find out a little about YOU.

  • How do you like to spend your spare time?
  • What brought you to the area?
  • Do you like to travel?
  • Why do you like Hosting on Airbnb?
  • What sort of atmosphere do you like in your home?

Plus anything else that you can think of that summarizes you best.

Always double check your writing is free from typo’s and spelling mistakes (this looks untrustworthy) before posting it live.

And most importantly, have a little FUN!

I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my personal profile. If you’d like to copy it as a template to make things easier you can download it below.

In conclusion.

Although this isn’t the biggest factor in determining a guests booking decision, every little helps.

If your bad profile was turning off even 1-2% of potential bookings, then following my steps above could save you $$$’s.

Do you have any Airbnb Profile & Description Tips or Tricks to add?

Is there anything that you’d like me to explain further?

If so, chuck it in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

And remember, I answer every single comment personally.