If you wanna win on Airbnb, sometimes you’ve gotta get a little sneaky.  Just a little 😉

These 13 Airbnb hacks for Hosts are a few tricks I’ve used in the past, and still to this day to great effect.  It’s all about adding maximum value at minimum cost.

You Gotta Rock Watcha Got!

This list of Airbnb hacks for Hosts is going to get you better reviews, save you money, get more bookings, massively reduce your workload and put more money in your pocket.

Not bad for a few sneaky little Airbnb host hacks.

Airbnb Host Hack #1.

Surprise your guests with unexpected late check-in and check-out times.

My property is advertised with a check-in time of 3 pm, and a check-out time of 10 am.  However, I have actually negotiated with my cleaner to slice an hour off each side.

Now I could change my check-in/out times on my Airbnb listing, but I choose not to.

I prefer to message my guests the day before check in and check out with this message:

24 Hours before check-in:

Hey {Guest Name}

I hope you’re excited about your trip.

Just to let you know, I’ve shuffled a few things around so you can now check in an hour earlier if you like, so feel free to arrive anytime after 2 pm.

I hope this helps. Thanks. Rowan.”

And for check-out I send this:

17 Hours before Check-Out:

“Hey {Guest Name}, I’ve just been given the thumbs up from my cleaner for a late check-out tomorrow, she said she’s happy for check out to be 11 am.

So feel free to have a lie in, and relax.

Enjoy your last night guys.

Thanks again. Rowan.”

Doing it this way, my guests feel super appreciated and feel like they’ve received special treatment.

Not bad for zero cost hey!

I have my account set up to automate these Airbnb messages so that I never forget.

Airbnb Host Hack #2.

Spy on your competition.

Did you know that you can spy on your competitors and see how many views they’re getting? This can be an awesome tool to see how you stack up against your competition.

Here’s how:

  • Head over to your competitors listing page and check just below the “Request to Book”.
  • Viola.

Airbnb Host Hack #3.

Re-fillable shampoo and soaps.

Now, you could go out and buy expensive toiletries for each new check-in, but costs like this can rack up over the year and have a big effect on your bottom line.

Instead, why not buy posh looking bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and soap etc. and just refill with cheaper alternatives.

Not only can I save money by buying in bulk, but I can now purchase non-branded items and save a fortune in the process.

Airbnb Host Hack #4.

Check you competitions occupancy.

Did you know you can check your competition’s occupancy level?

It’s super simple to do, just head to their listing page, and click their calendar, and you can see all of the dates they are booked.

I’m building a tool to crawl multiple listings so that you can easily monitor your competitions occupancy levels and heaps more.

If you want to be notified about this tool when it’s released, chuck your email below and I’ll notify you when it’s live.

The crawl tool will be free to anyone who registers pre-launch so don’t miss out.

Airbnb Host Hack #5.

Add a sofa bed to your property.

Could you be missing out on bookings because your property can’t sleep enough guests?

Invest in a good double sofa bed, and you can not only advertise your property to a larger audience, but you can also stipulate an extra charge for each additional guest.

Over the course of a year, this could have a significant impact on your Airbnb profits.

Airbnb Host Hack #6.

Check how you rank against your competition.

How does your ranking stack up against your competition?

To check your ranking on Airbnb:

  • Go to Airbnb.com (make sure you are not signed in).
  • Enter your destination.
  • Leave the dates clear and leave the number of guests clear also.
  • Hit search.

This will give show you how you rank against your competition.

If like me, you froth on this sort of thing and you take your Airbnb business seriously, then you can get a super comprehensive market report from these guys at Smartbnb.io

They do a free 14 day sign up (no credit card needed), so you can give it a whirl before you ever have to commit.

I think this product is epic, you can read my ultimate guide to Smartbnb.io here if you’d like to learn more.

Airbnb Host Hack #7.

Write public review responses.

Did you know that you can leave a public response to your guest reviews?

It’s super simple to do, and it looks awesome to anyone interested in renting your place.

  • Go to your Airbnb ‘Dashboard’
  • Click ‘Host’
  • Then click ‘Airbnb Profile’
  • On the left-hand menu select ‘Reviews’
  • You’ll then see the link to leave a ‘Public Response’
  • Done.

Airbnb Host Hack #8.

Add value on arrival.

Some people choose to spend $$ on fresh flowers, Champagne, Wine, gift cards etc.

I mean, all of the above are great, but they don’t come cheap, and I’m not too sure how much perceived value it gives your guests.

A cheap and effective trick I have been testing recently to add value on arrival for my guests is providing a few scratch cards.

Obviously, this won’t cut it if you have a plush Mansion costing $$$$ per night, but if you’re on the budget side of things, why not give it a try.

Imagine if they won!!

Airbnb Host Hack #9.

After Check-out brown nose.

3 Hours after my guests check-out, I send my guests a message thanking them for being so respectful of my home and leaving it so clean and tidy.

This is a sure fire way to get 5 star Airbnb reviews.

Happy guests = great reviews

Airbnb Host Hack #10.

Remove any unnecessary furnishings that will need cleaning.

Running your Airbnb property like a business means looking for ways to increase profits and minimize outgoings.

Over providing soft furnishings like rugs, throws, extra cushions etc. can be wasted on your guests when they are just on a short trip.

All these things cost time and money to clean.

So do yourself a favor and keep soft furnishings to a minimum.

Airbnb Host Hack #11.

Buy Tea and Coffee in bulk and refill into posh jars.

Repeat Tip number 3 above.

Buy yourself some posh looking jars for your coffee and tea, and refill bulk purchased items.

Airbnb Host Hack #12.

Use a key lock.

Save yourself a ton of time and hassle and get yourself a secure key lock box.

They don’t have to cost you a fortune (although they can if you want), but having one will be worth its weight in gold.

By having a secure key lock box, you can simply give your guests the access code and they can arrive any time they like.

Never wait for another guest check-in again.

Airbnb Host Tip #13.

Open up random single nights for 1 nightly bookings.

Do you ever get the odd free night squished between two bookings?

If your minimum nightly stay is set above 1 day then these random nights are unable to be booked.

To open these dates up you can go into your calendar an open up this specific date to overrule your minimum nightly stay and get the night booked.

Being vigilant with this can increase your bookings dramatically.

*Bonus Tip: Provide local vouchers

Every city/town has booklets with discount vouchers to local attractions, restaurants etc.

If they can save your guests a few bucks here or there on their trip they’ll leave even happier.

**Bonus, Bonus Tip: Use Automated Software for everything

Learn how to automate pretty much everything you do with Airbnb below:

Automate messages, reviews, cleaner reminders and more.

Set 240+ unique optimized prices for your listing, automated and updated daily.

Do you have an Airbnb host hack you can add, I’d love to know.

If so, chuck it in the comments.

I answer each and every one.