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Airbnb Management Software: The Complete List (plus expert breakdown)

Airbnb management software makes hosting easy!

Like, really easy...

In fact, with the help of some decent management software in your corner, it's possible to automate huge amounts of the mundane, repetative tasks property managers and hosts face.

In all honesty, there's not a lot about hosting that can't be automated.  

A few of my favourites things to automate are:

  • Guest messages.
  • Reviews.
  • Cleaner reminders.
  • Maintenance reminders.
  • Guest questions.
  • Pricing.

And that's just the beginning!

But, with so many different software options to choose from, how do you know which ones best?

Maybe I can help...

In this guide I'll help you find out which is the best Airbnb management software for you and your situation, and which ones to avoid like the plague!

Which is the best Airbnb management software option for you?

In this guide I'll be judging each tool by a certain criteria.  

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Support

Using this criteria, you'll get an unbiased breakdown of each tool so you can make an informed decision.

1. Lodgify - From $32p/m

Lodgify management software for airbnb


Works like a dream.


Not the cheapest, but you get a lot for your money.

Ease of use

Simple and easy to use.


Support chat & email.

Lodgify is a full service management software solution for Airbnb property managers.

One of its unique features is the ability to seamlessly create a custom website for your listings to allow your audience to book with you direct and bypass platform booking fees.

It has all of the automation functions you'd expect from a premium product, plus it's easy to market your listings on multiple platforms like Booking.com, Home Away, etc. all from a single dashboard.

Suited for - Hosts with multiple listings & Property managers.

Price - From $32p/m

Website: https://www.lodgify.com/

2. Smartbnb - From €15p/m

Smartbnb airbnb management software


Works perfectly every time.


Unfortunately doesn't offer a plan for single listing hosts, but very affordable for hosts with two or more listings.

Ease of use

Simple and seamless.


Support chat & email.

Smartbnb was one of the first full-scale automation tools built from the ground up for Airbnb hosts.

Originally starting out by helping out hosts automate much of the day to day running of their business, Smartbnb has since developed numerous feature upgrades to help even large scale property managers with 500+ listings to streamline their operations and reduce costs.

Simple, beautiful, and POWERFULL.  

Suited for - Single listing hosts all the way up to large property managers.

Price - From €15

Website: https://www.smartbnb.io/

3. Hostfully - From $79p/m (+$400 setup fee)

Hostfully software for airbnb property managers


Powerful and effective


Not the cheapest by a long shot.

Ease of use

A little tricky at first, but pretty simple once you get the hang of it.


Support chat & email.

Hostfully has some really neat features that you won't find on many of the other platforms, like it's digital guidebook feature (although this comes at an extra cost).

On top of that they place close attention to features that I think a lot of hosts will appreciate like automatic up-sells, and deep integrations with dynamic pricing tools like Wheelhouse.

However, with a monthly fee of $79p/m this is a premium product suited only to hosts managing multiple listings.

Suited for - Hosts with 10+ properties & large property managers.

Price -  From $79p/m

Website: https://www.hostfully.com/

4. Guesty - *Price on application.

Guesty airbnb automation software


Works a treat!


Not cheap by any means.  Strictly reserved for hosts managing upwards of 5 listings.

Ease of use

Considering how much is going on under the hood, it's very easy to navigate and use.


Support chat & email.

Guesty is a very, very powerful tool that is worth getting excited about.  

Similar to Lodgify you can create your own branded website, complete with payment processing and zero fees. With this custom website you can take bookings without the usual platform fees.

Another standout feature is Guesty's powerful reporting and analytics which will help you to make better decisions, increase your booking rates and reduce costs.

Suited for - Property managers & property management companies.

Price - Price on application.

Website: https://www.guesty.com/

5. Your Porter - $7p/m +

your porter airbnb hosting software


Does the basics well.


Very affordable.

Ease of use

A little clunky to get started, but pretty simple after that.


Support tickets only.

Your Porter is a great bare-bones budget option for small time hosts.  

It's got all of the basic features you'd expect; automated messages, reviews, team reminders, etc.

Not the most feature rich or the best UI, but if you're a host on a budget then Your Porter is surely worth a look.

Suited for - Hosts with up to 5 listings

Price - $7p/m

Website: https://yourporter.com/

6. iGMS - From $18p/m

iGMS vacation rental software


Does what it says on the tin.


Has some really competitive pricing.

Ease of use

UX is a little dated and it can be a little hard to navigate at times.


Support by email only.

iGMS has a lot packed under the hood that you probably wouldn't expect at first glance.  

Sure, it does all of the usual automation tasks you'd expect, but there's actually some pretty neat integrations there too.

Probably not the prettiest or easy to use, but if your after a no BS tool that does the job, then iGMS is definitely worth a look.

Suited for - Single listing hosts & medium size hosts up to 50 listings.

Price - $18p/m

Website: https://www.igms.com/

thinking man

My Top Picks - for what it's worth...

Depending on where you are on the scale of things as a host - from one listing warrior, to huge-scale property managers - here are my top picks:

1 - 5 Listings

For any host with under 5 listings I recommend Smartbnb. 

It's feature packed, powerful and great value for money. 

My top pick:


6 - 100 Listings

For hosts with 6 - 100 listings it's a tough call between Smartbnb and Lodgify.

Both tools will serve you well at this level.

My top pick:


100+ Listings

For property managers and property management companies looking after over 100+ listings then look no further than Guesty.

My top pick:


About the author 

Rowan Clifford

Hey, I'm Rowan.  I'm a bit of a nerd, and froth a little too hard when it comes to Airbnb. And, I LOVE anything that makes my life as a host easier and more lucrative (which is pretty much exclusively all I write about on this blog). Tools, tips, tricks and sneaky hacks are my kinda thing...

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      Keep up the good work though.


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